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Helena Godwin is willing to accept commissions

Helena Godwin works mainly as a sculptor, carving wood and stone.

She spent her teenage years in Leamington Spa before studying Fine Art at Exeter (1983-86) and teaching at Goldsmiths college, London (1986-87). She then spent ten years in Coventry starting a family and working as a teacher, sculptor and community artist. She moved to Shetland in 2001 where she lived and worked for three years. Helena returned to Leamington in 2004, since then she has had three solo exhibitions and as well as taking part in Warwickshire Artsweek 2006 and 2008.

Helena produces one off sculptures in a variety of sizes and materials for interior and exterior environments.

Helena draws her influences from around world. She is particularly interested in naïve and tribal work, especially where there is a tradition of carving. A primitive or child artist will depict what the artist knows rather than what he/she sees.

Carving is a spiritual experience, ask a piece of stone