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Fine art photography versus your own snapshots


Author: Tammy Woodrow, curator/artist

The title of this blog could very easily have been ‘Why should you pay for artists’ photographs if you can make your own?’

Photography has come a long way since it was invented in 1830 and as a contemporary art form, it is nowadays equal in status to painting and sculpture. During the 1920s the Surrealists loved using photography because it was a new, exciting medium and it provided them with lots of scope for experimenting. 

Why I do what I do. The cut-out world and everything leads up to a moment.


Author: Peter Long, printmaker

In their early days, humans were part of the landscape. In these islands their houses looked like haystacks. Today's houses look like square blocks and humans aren't part of the landscape, they are its dictator. I suggest such mastery is due to an ability to cleanly cut a range of materials. Today, humans can cut out anything on the planet and we all now live in a cut-out world. The clothes on our back, the shoes on our feet, the food we eat, the car we drive, the book we read: all and everything is cut out. 

Hints and tips for commissioning art works


Author: Tammy Woodrow

During my career as an artist and curator, I have experienced the commissioning process from both sides. It is so exciting as an artist to find that someone really has fallen in love with your work and that they want something unique and bespoke made just by you. If you are the one commissioning the work, you might find that working with artists sometimes can feel like trying to staple jelly to the wall.

Dynamic Seascapes with Judith Yates


Author: Judith Yates

About nine years ago I decided to make seascapes the main area of my work.

I have always felt drawn to the sea, so It made sense that my artistic practice should be dominated by the theme. I do believe that if you have such a dramatic response to a subject, it will provide your source of inspiration for many years.

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