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What makes a good abstract painting?


Author: Tammy Woodrow

Sometimes when you visit exhibitions you overhear people saying ‘My child could have painted that’ or ‘I could have made that’. You will recognize these derogatory remarks about contemporary abstract works. What is it that makes some people so anxious about looking at something that they don’t recognize? Why can’t they rely on their intelligence and imagination to decipher an artwork?

Prizewinners - The UK Artists Exhibition 2021


Author: Grace Newman

The UK Artists Exhibition 2021 was held at contemporary art gallery ‘The Blue Door Gallery’ in Earsldon, Coventry during August and September, themed ‘The City’ to coincide with the Coventry UK City of Culture.

We are thrilled to announce the winners .....

Watercolours or Oils? Vive la Difference.


Author: Peter Drewett

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy paintings in both oil and watercolour, then you will note how completely different they are, not in just their look but in how we as painters have to treat them.

In many ways, oil paintings give greater depth and possibly a chance to incorporate very detailed brushwork, but watercolours have the propensity to imbue a painting with transparency, almost an air-filled atmosphere that’s hard to define.

Fine art photography versus your own snapshots


Author: Tammy Woodrow, curator/artist

The title of this blog could very easily have been ‘Why should you pay for artists’ photographs if you can make your own?’

Photography has come a long way since it was invented in 1830 and as a contemporary art form, it is nowadays equal in status to painting and sculpture. During the 1920s the Surrealists loved using photography because it was a new, exciting medium and it provided them with lots of scope for experimenting. 

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