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Tamara Savchenko is willing to accept commissions

I am an artist-explorer. I never liked to be put in a box with the label on it. I have experienced life in so many ways that it is impossible for me to stick to one form of art.

I lived in four countries, graduated as a doctor and had a PhD in medicine. I worked as a librarian, a researcher, taught anatomy in a medical school in Russia; a sales assistant, a science technician and finally a science teacher in the UK. In addition to it I have been a mother of two children and a wife to a successful professor of physics.

All those experiences taught me to accept and study all aspects life. As a self-taught artist I do the same with the art I create. For me painting is a self-discovery, a continuous journey into my psychic and discovering things I want to paint about or just let it flow out of me. My art varies a lot and this is because my mind is constantly looking for a new experiences and ways of expression. I love to observe people so I paint them. I love nature