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Tammy Woodrow is willing to accept commissions

My practice as artist/curator covers many facets. Life, death, science, cultural heritage and visualising the passing of time are a few of many subjects which grip my imagination whilst balancing the fine lines between a range of media and materials.
Mona Hatoum has said: 'You first experience an artwork physically. Meanings, connotations and associations come after the initial physical experience.'
My art takes on various forms when I express my highly subjective view of the world. The artistic techniques are diverse: painting, assemblage, photography, sculpture and digital technology. Personal experiences are mixed with academic propositions. A central motif is making invisible processes visible. This is the foundation for creative work which examines philosophical and psychological issues of human identity. Who are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going to? Language and text are incorporated into my artworks. Viewers are challenged to come up with visions