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Paul Zapendowski is willing to accept commissions

Paul Zapendowski (Zapendo) combines in his painting photorealism with collage and lyrical figuration in the mood "intimacy". His favorite genre is allusive image, "a portrait surrounded by...". He belongs to a generation fascinated by the imagery of reality involving modern media. In his own style he refers to colourism, the technique of "color fields" and modernism, using metaphors and developing the topic of human existence. Born in Cracow (Poland). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (set design, under Prof. Jerzy Skarzynski and Prof. Andrzej Kreutz-Majewski; drawing and painting under Zbylut Grzywacz) and the Academy of Music. The member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers and The Association of Polish Journalists.

'I am offering to create either a landscape or a portrait of your residence in acrylic or oil paint from your photography.' For commissions please go to my blogspot link on my contact page.