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Woodpecker Romance

by Gill Bustamante BA Fine Art

Medium: Oils on canvas


Size: 44x102 cms


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Woodpecker Romance is a tall painting on canvas (40x16x1.5 inches with wide edges) of two woodpeckers flirting with each other on two trees. The style is art nouveau and contemporary. The two trees rise up in a winnowy elegant motion and the branches curl around each other making sinuous patterns against the gold tinted sunset sky. The paint is thick and textured and the patterns continue around the edge of the canvas on all sides. This painting is not a typical one for me as there was no real inspiration for it apart of just liking art nouveau and woodpeckers and getting a concept in my mind that it would look good. I like the simplicity of it and the playfulness of the birds. It is ready to hang and does not a frame.