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Thieves Wood

by Jonathan O'Hora

Medium: Giclée Print

Frame: Dry Mount

Size: 45 x 30 cms


(Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm with pigment ink)
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Photography: 18" X 12" Archival print 

ORIGINAL PRINT - Limited Edition of 12 Crafted Prints (Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm with pigment ink)
Each print is cut and dry mounted on white backboard prior to the mounting of a white front mount. This fine art print meets museum longevity requirements and is carefully hand crafted. Prior to dispatch the print is hand signed and individually numbered. A certificate of authenticity is supplied, the picture is signed & numbered by the artist.

Print Size | 18" x 12"
Mount Size | 26" x 20"

Theives Wood has much more cultivated appearance than in Robin Hood's day. Mainly, due to expanding urbanization and the great storm of 1976 thave ravaged the original forest. This Picture was taken and made along the main Robin Hood's way and more or less conforms to to the original route it's timbers once took in order to build Nottingham Castle inhabited by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Many of the trees are ancient portaining back to the middle ages with the oldest being the Major Oak that has survived a millenia.
The wood is ancient and contains spirits of many varieties.

This title forms a collection which is limited to an edition of 12 prints, individually created by the artist in his Nottingham studio to ensure maximum quality and richness.

Fine Art Baryta 325 is a brilliant white, high gloss paper that sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition. This paper gives the "wow" factor particularly to black and white prints with an extremely high dmax and the finest grey tones. Using barium sulphate coating ensuring a glossiness that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional darkroom Baryta papers. The ultra smooth surface of this genuine art paper base offers a unique "touch and feel" experience - the Hahnemuhle typical 4th dimension.
The perfect combination: classic baryta photo paper and digital exposure. First developed in the year 1866, baryta paper is an absolute classic amongst photo papers. This paper is particularly popular with galleries and museums. Shining white and intense black tones, ultra-fine brightness levels and sharp contours. Add to this the greatest longevity of any photographic paper. Due to the natural brilliance of the baryta coating, optical brighteners or laminations are no longer needed. This increases the silky paper's longevity by several decades and makes it the most durable photo paper worldwide. At 325g/m², the paper is very heavy and stable.
This fine art print will meet museum longevity requirements and has a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel.  Epson K3 Fine Art Premium print on Hahnemühle paper - the best print with K3 pigment inks.
The finest photo print, artistic perfection. This Fine Art print on Hahnemühle's high quality artist paper is luxurious and authentic. The Premium K3 pigment print has a total of nine different inks, ensuring that even the minutest details are visible, and the colours appear freshly printed - even after 100 years.

It is the artist's preference to use traditional negative film and mechanical cameras. The film is hand developed and scanned by the artist, prior to creating the art work.

Photographic based artist Jonathan Talks produces original artwork.