The Dance of the Sun and the Sea 2022

by Gill Bustamante BA Fine Art

Oils on canvas

h 101.6  x  w 101.6  x  d 3.8 cm
h 40  x  w 40  x  d 1.5 in


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The Dance of the Sun and the Sea is a large seascape oil painting of sun, sea, stratus clouds and gentle waves. It is 40x40x1.4 inches. The painting is textured and quite impasto in places, especially where the frilly white waves ripple over the copper-coloured sand. It was inspired by a Florida trip where the sunsets and the reflections of clouds and sun on sea make a stunning display every evening. The sun is shining through tufty stratus clouds and the beams are playing with the sea and interacting with the waves. I tried to show the feeling of energy and space and the communication that is taking place between sun, sea and clouds. It is not a traditional seascape as a result, but it heightens the magical element that is there. Painted on deep edge canvas, edges white, ready hang, no frame needed.