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High-rise accommodation - woodpecker

by Ivan Jones

Medium: Pastel on paper (Pastel pencils and soft pastel on Artspectrum colourfix paper)

Frame: White wooden frame

Size: 37.5 cm by 47.5 cm


(Frame with glass included in price)
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I am always looking for popular subject matter and woodpeckers have a great appeal as they are quite difficult to spot except for their distinctive call. The reference photo for this particular woodpecker, looking into its nest, was taken by Terry Hancock and captured my imagination.

As with most of my artwork, this great spotted woodpecker is completed using soft pastels and pastel pencils on Artspectrum colourfix paper. The sharpened pencils create the detail and the background is blended using polystyrene sticks to give the three-dimensional effect to the completed painting.