Dogfish 2024

by Jonathan Oakes

Acrylic on board

h 96  x  w 88  x  d 3 cm
h 37.8  x  w 34.6  x  d 1.2 in


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The large artwork contains many different forms and suggested figures, various shapes also blend in-between. A whole narrative is suggested in the one image. In different sections small vignettes are visible of abstracted figures. Foreground colours are thrown into background positions, battling for the attention of the viewer. These forms writhe and fuse to and fro against each other, a disguised, disarranged individual style.
Dogs are not the opposite of cats and they are not always enemies. Is it nature or nurture that forges these relationships?
In modern slang “Dogfishing” refers to the practice of a using a dog in a photograph on an internet dating profile to enhance the attractiveness the instigator (it does even have to be their own dog).
“Dogfish” is also a phrase used in online dating as a direct opposite to “catfishing” it refers to when the subject is a lot better than they were originally portrayed online. Much better in real life!