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My day to day creative interest in art took a distant back seat once I had finished full time education, begun a work career and started a family. Fortunately I was lucky enough to work with some of the graphic design world's leading consultants during my career as a PR/Marketing Services Manager for several international companies ; people like Wally Olins, co founder of Wolff Olins and Mervyn Kurlansky, the creative driving force behind Pentagram.

These design consultancies are still among the best in the world and the opportunity to work along side them, and their teams, reignited my interest in art. Much later in my life I found the time to create my own artwork. Not surprisingly, it is specifically influenced by the world of graphic design and illustration within advertising and promotions - where the necessity to communicate a story memorably and quickly is of paramount importance.In more general terms, my work is also informed by many different aspects of popular