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Louise Jannetta is willing to accept commissions

Louise Jannetta is currently based in Buxton, Derbyshire. She works from her Gallery & Studio at the rear of 24 Dale Road, SK17 6NL. Louise's practise investigates issues raised within the myths that we live by and the paradox of our assumed autonomy whilst relinquishing choice. Her work responds with an exploitative, visual and often humorous examination of humanities ritualistic dance around constructed realities.

Having experimented extensively with mixed mediums, Louise has turned her attention to oil painting as a means of transposing the aforementioned ideas to the tangible world.

The work is diverse and eclectic demonstrating Louise’s inquisitive interrogation of concepts and materials. This process of examination permits a hermeneutic deliberation of potential possibilities and so perpetuates the moment of anticipation. Through the combination of object and radical materiality, Louise's work suspends time and identity to produce perpetual, potential