Gerard Tunney is willing to accept commissions

Most of my work is influenced by experiences of working in the theatre and I use theatre-based subject matter as a source for my paintings; this includes ballet, Shakespeare, poetry, and myth. I am particularly interested in the theatre's capacity to transform and change these subjects through the use of costumes, make-up, lighting, etc. This creates all sorts of abstract possibilities within the work and is an endless source of fascination for me.

The paintings can depict dancers going about their backstage routines or can be heightened by more theatrical subject matter, such as poetry and myth. I think that it is the diversity of the subject matter that attracts me the most and the fact that it never ceases to provide fresh source material for my work. Most of my paintings are acrylic on canvas which combines the spontaneity of watercolour with the sturdiness of oil paint. Acrylic dries fairly quickly which generates an immediacy within the work as it progresses.