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The Yellow Wallpaper (2019) painting is a response to the short story by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, first published in The New England Magazine (1892) – a story of nervous exhaustion and the perils of women's rest cures.

Memories are stored in the mind and photographs are kept to remind us of people dear to us. They are looked at from time to time and then tucked away. The painting Mother (2019) although faded, remains, even the constant folding and unfolding cannot erase it.

The two paintings entitled Life I and Life II (2018) are an attempt to visualise inner sorrow. In the first one, a sober, isolated face lacking colour, vitality and lustre; locked in a state of silent contemplation within a wretched, ragged, confined space. The hair is set, there is no air to tossle those waves, all is rigid, still and fixed. In the second, there is a hint of movement suggested only by the hair although the eyes still betray a sense of longing, a patient hopefulness