I particularly like to paint with a blend of light and shadow to imbue my paintings with depth and heightened interest. However, unlike architectural design, I prefer to be fine and delicate yet at times fluid in my brushstrokes, and not being hindered by rigidly straight lines or vanishing points, as I want the paintings to reflect my character and its quirks.

In the last few years I have been painting with authentic looking colours, but still retaining an individuality and uniqueness, without copying exactly what I see.

In most of my paintings I am keen to create an atmosphere of mystery, through the use of light, space and depth, and to allow the viewer to question what stories and narratives might lie within the fabric of buildings and the ornaments it contains. This comes out especially in the interiors I paint, but also sometimes manifests in the exteriors of buildings, where a hint of what happens inside might be revealed. There is also a strong sense of