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White winter deer

by Gill Bustamante BA Fine Art

Acrylic on canvas

76x152 cm


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White winter deer is a large wide panoramic painting of a snowy Kentish landscape with hills, woodland and deer. It is 30x60x1.5 inches with dark purple edges that match the colour of the trees. It is expressionist and messy art nouveau in style. The painting shows a view through trees and fields and patches of woodland and forest towards hills in the distance. The colours are muted lilacs; burnt orange, blue and of course white snow with touches of golden yellow ion the sky that shows it is snow laden. To the right, is a roe deer stag and behind him two female deer. Over to the left, very small so you can hardly see them, are three more deer hiding in the trees. The paint is very thick and almost dripping off the canvas over a textured underlayer. (Textured as it was repainted a few times which I find adds to the presence of a painting). The painting was inspired by the views around the North Downs in Kent close to Ide Hill where you can see a long way over gentle hills and meadows towards the South Downs and the sea beyond them (park at postcode TN146JG!). The painting was a challenge for me as it was painted in December 2020 when English landscapes are particularly grey and dull in colour. I was very pleased that I managed to capture the December feeling but also manged to bring out the best of the colours. It is on deep edge canvas, ready to hang, no frame needed.